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Last updated on 10/22/14
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Christian Gifts

Pray First Then Ride Sign
Pray First Then Ride
Pray First Then Ride
Hand cut (in the USA) rustic metal cutout sign measures 15" x 6". It does NOT have hangers on the back, so plan for that - but the open design allows for a variety of nail placement, or a clever person could fasten some twine as a hanger for an even more country look.

Price - $19.95


Cowboy 10 Commandments Tin Sign
Cowboy 10 Commandments
Cowboy 10 Commandments Tin Sign
Sturdy, embossed tin sign measures 12" wide x 17" tall,
and is drilled for hanging.

Price - $9.95


Inspirational Art Prints

"One single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer."
-G.E. Lessing, German critic & dramatist (1729-1781)
The Evening Prayer
The Evening Prayer Item #P2379
The Evening Prayer
Reproduction print - Artist Unknown

Price - $19.95

Image size is 13" wide x 10" tall


Bedtime Prayers Item #P866
Bedtime Prayers

Price - $31.95

Print size is 20" wide x 20" tall

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The Playmates Prayer Item #P3096
The Playmates Prayer

Price - $19.95

Print size is 11" wide x 14" tall


Found - Artist of the original oil painting - unknown
Everyone remembers this inspiring picture from their childhood days, and we're pleased to offer it in a few different formats! We do not know the artist's name on this - for sure. Some attribute the work to Albrecht Schenck, other art historians think it's likely by Walter Hunt - (entitled "Shepherd's Call"); Hunt was known for his beautiful paintings of Collies.

Found - Print & Greeting Cards
Item #P2760
Found Print - artist unknown

Image size is 16" wide x 12" tall
Print matted and framed is sold out.

Print Price - $19.95
Sale Price $9.98


Item #FOUN
Found Greeting Cards
Blank greeting cards, 5" x 7" - package of 12

Greeting Cards Price - $13.00


Found Vintage Dog Painting Necklace

Found Vintage Dog Painting Necklace
Found Vintage Dog Painting Necklace
Looks like something you'd find tucked in the bottom of an antique dresser drawer. Glass domed pendant measures 1" across. Antique brass chain is 24"

Price $14.95


HoofPrints' owner Gina Keesling's note: This picture has been around for a long time, and is a perennial favorite. It was out of print for several years, and we were delighted to learn that the publisher had decided to produce additional copies. We've had many, many customers tell us they have fond memories of this picture hanging in their parents, and grandparents homes. It's even visible in the background of this Keith Urban country music video! Click here to watch the YouTube video.

Bless This Barn Wood Sign

Bless This Barn Sign

Bless This Barn Wood Sign
This heavy pressed wood sign is made in Colorado, USA. It measures a big 16" wide x 7" tall, and has a slot in the back for hanging. There's also a wooden dowel included that works as a stand if you choose to display it on a table, etc.

*Note: The design can be displayed outdoors, provided it is in a sheltered location.

Price - $26.95 each

SOLD OUT until further notice. Check back for updates - for sure we will NOT have any by Christmas :-(
The sign reads; Bless this Barn O Lord we pray; Make it safe by night and day. We adapted it from the original verse written by Helen Taylor.

Bless this house, Oh Lord we pray
Make it safe by night and day
Bless these walls so firm and stout
Keeping want and trouble out

Bless the roof and chimneys tall
Let thy peace lie over all
Bless this door that it may prove
Ever open to joy and love

Bless these windows shining bright
Letting in God's heavenly light
Bless the hearth, a-blazing there
With smoke ascending like a prayer

Bless the folk who dwell within
Keep them pure and free from sin
Bless us all that we may be
Fit Oh Lord to dwell with thee
Bless us all that we, one day, may dwell
Oh Lord, with thee

-Helen Taylor

More info here.

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