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Last updated on 8/20/14
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Oh, What Fun it is to Ride...

Oh What Fun
Oh, What Fun it is to Ride... Longsleeve Red T-shirt
Price - $23.95 each

Sizes are unisex, so generous on ladies.

Adult unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
For size info click here.


I think we can all agree on this tee, "Oh What Fun it is to Ride" pretty much sums it up for horse lovers. The design in printed with a textured ink that looks like snow. Works great as a holiday gift or you can buy it for yourself and wear it through the cool seasons. Made from 100% preshrunk cotton, this shirt has a great fit and feel.

Oh What Fun

Christmas Lights - Picture shows both styles of lights together.

Christmas Lights

Horse Christmas Light Set

10 foot long strand of 10 horses
(NOTE: these lights are fairly large - will look great on a big tree! Lights are about 3" tall x 5" long)

Price - $24.95/set

Cowboy Boot Christmas Light Set

10 foot long strand of 10 boots
(NOTE: these lights are fairly large - will look great on a big tree! Lights are about 3" tall x 3" long)

Price - $24.95/set


Christmas on the Farm
Christmas on the Farm #BKXOF - $17.99
Christmas on the Farm
A Collection of Favorite Recipes, Stories, Gift Ideas and Decorating Tips from The Farmer's Wife
Softcover, 224 pages, Edited by Lela Nargi

Christmas was the be-all, end-all celebration on the farm. Pages and pages on the topic appeared in The Farmer's Wife (published 1893-1939), and these pages weren't just about food-although recipes for all the various components of parties and holiday gift baskets certainly abounded.

The magazine's experts expounded on the best and latest ways to decorate home, tree, and parcels and to create homemade gifts for family and friends, as well as games to be played to capture the spirit of the season. In short, The Farmer's Wife presented its own opinion-both grand and humble, broad and minute, and always, always bearing in mind the idea of community among its readers-about the ways in which Christmas should be celebrated.

You'll find in this book a smattering of that opinion. Here are recipes to see you through the entire Christmas season; gift ideas guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing; tips for decking your halls; and even a few stories to delight both the young and the young at heart.


Excerpt: "Do's and Don'ts for Christmas" Pledge
Do, if you can keep it, sign this pledge. It was circulated by some enthusiastic young reformer and called "Yours for a courageous, sincere, and Christly Christmas" -
  • I will give no gift which I cannot afford.
  • I will give no gift which has not love behind it.
  • I will give some gifts which shall not be exchange gifts at all but genuine generosity to someone to whom it will mean very much.
  • Don't do up a parcel in such poor wrapping paper or in such a flimsy manner that the wrapper may easily be torn and separated from the contents.
  • Don't fail to put your name and address, preceded by the word "from", on the upper left-hand corner of every piece of mai.
  • Don't forget to mail parcels early.
  • Don't say that you expect nothing. You know that would not be so.
  • Don't sigh for a baby grand piano if a barrel of flour would do you more good.
  • Don't forget, if you are going to play Santa Claus, that cotton is not as innocent as it looks.
  • Don't go around complaining that the true spirit of Christmas has departed. That is not the way to bring it back.
  • Don't forget you were a child once yourself.
  • Don't give simply for the purpose of showing that you can afford to do so.
  • Don't value the gift by the amount of its cost.
  • Don't put aside until tomorrow the good cheer you may spread today.

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