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Last updated on 3/15/14
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Books for Farriers & Veterinarians

Millwaters Farriery

Millwaters Farriery

#BKMWF - $22.49
Millwaters Farriery
The Illustrated Dictionary of Horseshoeing and Hoof Care - An Encyclopedic Reference for Professionals, Students and Horse Owners by Dave Millwater

Softcover, 268 pages, profusely illustrated in black and white

Everything you always wanted to know about farriery, but were afraid to ask! This is an information-dense, well-illustrated volume which employs extensive cross-referencing to efficiently cover topics from the basics that everyone working with horses should know on up to advanced concepts in modern hoofcare. Designed for the free-form, individual study that is naturally common in farriery.

The general focus of Millwater's Farriery is practical hoofcare to maintain and restore soundness. It does not deal extensively with contest forging and shoeing, nor is it intended to provide in-depth instruction on the business-end of running a horseshoeing service. It does feature article-length entries on hoof balance, trimming technique, basic shoe forging, cold fitting keg shoes, practical horseshoe modifications, drawing and setting clips, shoe application, and managing various lameness and gait problems with applied farriery.

Horseowners will find instruction on how to cleanly remove loose shoes... And put them back on well enough to keep their horses in service until the farrier can get to them. Also articles on how to properly hold horses for shoeing, and the fundamentals needed to understand and effectively participate in one of the most essential aspects of their horses' care.

This book is the culmination of our lexicon project, which started eighteen years ago with The Pocket Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language, and evolved through eight editions of The New Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language. Millwater's Farriery makes the leap to an encyclopedic dictionary, with triple the content of the last New Dictionary. Includes expanded appendices, an extensive Historical Reference section, and updated resource guide.


Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot

Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot

#BKCREF - $175.95
Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot
by Pete Ramey

Hardcover, 450 pages profusely illustrated in color

What does it take to grow the very best hooves an individual horse can possibly grow? Is it some magical trim, a supplement, or some newfangled shoeing package? The answers are much farther-reaching and involve every aspect of the horse’s life. Can laminitis and caudal foot pain be cured? Prevented? Can a carefully cultivated hoof form and internal foot development protect the horse from injury throughout the body?

Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist Pete Ramey has teamed up with contributing authors
Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, Hilary M. Clayton, BVMS, PhD, DACVSMR,MRCVS,
Brian Hampson, PhD, Eleanor Kellon, VMD, Kerry Ridgway, DVM,
Debra Taylor, DVM, MS, DACVIM, Kathryn Watts, BS.
Together they have detailed countless aspects of the veterinary care, hoof maintenance, internal development, nutrition, biomechanics, property management, and husbandry needed to optimize the equine foot and to treat many of the problems common to horses everywhere.

To see Table of Contents / Outline click here.

Also, there are a whole bunch of pictures from the book here.

Gregory's Textbook of Farriery

Gregory's Textbook of Farriery

#BKTXF - $139.95
Gregory's Textbook of Farriery
by Chris Gregory CJF, FWCF

Hardcover, 696 pages profusely illustrated in color

Gregory's Textbook of Farriery is the knowledge put to paper of one of the farrier industry's most durable educators. This textbook was written as a teaching tool, so it is ideal for any course on farriery, equine husbandry, veterinary school, or even the one-on-one apprenticeship situation. Created by a skilled farrier instructor, this book is like having Chris right next to you, guiding your hands and looking over your shoulder. Whether you are a veteran of the farrier profession, a novice, or just an interested horseman, this book should be part of your library. You will find yourself referring to it over and over.

Download excerts here
Table of Contents, Chapter 13: Dissection, Chapter 28: Clip Fitting, Chapter 43: Lameness

Gina's note: "We've carried a lot of different educational farrier books over the years, and they are all very good. All are worth owning for your library. When I sat down to review this one, I wanted to see what set it apart from the others. If you've checked out the sample chapters above, you know that they're packed with usable, current information for all manner of topics related to horseshoeing and the horse's hoof. I was impressed by this quote on horsemanship:

"Keep working with the horse. It is important to maintain your composure. Do not lose your temper. I know. This is a hard one, and every one of us has our moments when it is just too much, and we get mad at the horse. Try and remember that you should never get mad at a horse for being a horse. That is how God made them, and if you are going to work on and with them, you will have to accept it.. Getting mad is apt to get you or the horse hurt, and later on you may regret it, either way."

Many of the chapters in this book begin with a Bible verse, something I don't remember seeing before in any horseshoeing text. Chapter 7 - General Principles of Farriery begins with Psalm 20:7 "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God."

The Principles of Farriery

The Principles of Farriery

#BKPOF - $124.95
The Principles of Farriery
by Chris Colles and Ron Ware

Hardcover, 392 pages, profusely illustrated in color

A respected equine vet and farrier have joined forces to produce this manual for trainee and working farriers. The coverage starts with a brief history of farriery, then looks at the legalities of the job and how to control equines for trimming and shoeing. The authors describe the care and maintenance of the forge and farriery tools, as well as the anatomy and function of the horse, especially the lower limbs, the principles of foot balance, and the practice of shoeing. Shoe making, surgical shoes, lameness and shoeing are dealt with in detail, and the book is embellished with hundreds of specially taken photos, and explanatory line drawings

Gina's note: This book is brand new - just released in November, 2010. It measures a big 9"x12" and is a great reference text for all information concerning hooves and shoeing.

About the Authors:
Dr Chris Colles is a highly regarded equine veterinary surgeon based in Warwickshire. He has had over thirty papers published in journals, contributed to several veterinary books, and delivered numerous lectures to learned societies around the world. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, an accolade rarely bestowed on those outside the farriery profession. Ron Ware is a Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers. Well-respected in his field, he was consultant farrier to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and has specialised in remedial and surgical shoeing.

Farriery - Foal to Racehorse

Foal to Racehorse
#BKFFR - $135.95
Farriery - Foal to Racehorse by Simon Curtis
Hardcover, 193 pages

This book covers all farriery needs and requirments for Thoroughbred racehorses, from birth, through development as a foal and yearling; preparation of the feet and shoeing for sale to training and racing. Once the racehorse has finished it's career, farriery plays an important part in prolonging a successful stud life. Chapters are included on the assesment of limb and foot conformation and how farrier skills can be used to help produce the optimum soundness for any individual.


Essential Principles of Horseshoeing

Essential Principles of Horseshoeing
#BKEPH - $96.95
Essential Principles of Horseshoeing
by Dr Doug Butler, Jake Butler, Pete Butler
Hardcover, 294 pages, profusely illustrated throughout in color


Filled with practical instructions, interactive training materials and step-by-step illustrations of common horseshoeing and trimming techniques, Essential Principles of Horseshoeing is the keystone text for farrier education or home use. It presents a new, yet foundational way of teaching this ancient craft. Traditional techniques of the farrier craft have changed little in 2,000 years, yet their application has changed dramatically in the last 25 years. This colorful book teaches simple techniques to accelerate learning and mastery.

Butler's Principles of Horseshoeing set the standard for farrier eduction. Dr Butler continues to be the trusted voice for farrier training. This Essential book evolved from lessons Dr Butler learned while teaching the craft to thousands of students, including his sons. His teaching materials provide a solid foundation of farrier education in the 21st century, as well as sound principles of horseshoeing for the betterment of horses everywhere.

Whether you are a beginner, do-it-yourselfer or expert farrier seeking to perfect your craft, this book equips individuals of all backgrounds with the best techniques to accurately trim and shoe horses. No more flipping through long, dry text books with too many words and not enough demonstration on how to get the job done! Instead, Essential Principles of Horseshoeing is a highly visual, easy-to-understand, and interactive companion, utilizing colorful guides and even QR codes to send readers to directly relevant video demonstrations on live horses of common solutions and horseshoeing techniques.

Principles of Horseshoeing III and Study Guide

Book Principles (P3)
#BKPRIN3 - $186.95
Principles of Horseshoeing (P3)
By Doug Butler
Hardcover, 1000 pages, 2350 photos and illustrations. This book is massive - 9"x11"x2" thick! Weighs 10 pounds!


Click here for Table of Contents
One of the sharpest tools in the hands of aspiring and experienced farriers. An up-to-date revision of the farrier industry's most-used textbook - Principles of Horseshoeing II, it's a book people will want to read and reread over and over again.

Written in a conversational easy-to-understand style, it will help farriers of all skill levels. Progressive and sequential in its learning system, it helps pick up "grades" you may have missed in your formal or self-education. P3 contains essential up-to-date knowledge with references. It has horse knowledge you can get no where else.

It is interesting to note that when the first Principles of Horseshoeing was published 30 years ago, the price of the book was the same as a pair of top quality nippers. A farrier could shoe two horses and pay for the book. The second edition was released in 1985, and the price of a pair of nippers was still relative in cost to the book's price. Today's price still compares to the cost of a top quality pair of nippers ? one of the most important tools in a farrier's toolbox. Receiving money to shoe 2-3 horses still covers the cost of The Principles of Horseshoeing (P3)! A pair of nippers will wear out in a few years, but this book will last a lifetime!

P3 is designed for the professional farrier who wants to progress and make a profit. He or she can invest in a farrier career at any level - from beginning to advanced. There is information found in this book that is found in no other place! Its content can enhance your career, business and life. It is well illustrated for the visual learner with over 2300 illustrations. It is professionally bound for a lifetime of use.

Hoof Problems Book
Hoof Construction, Trimming & Shoeing, Solutions for Common Issues & Ailments

Hoof Problems
#BKHPB - $47.95
Hoof Problems Book by Rob Van Nassau
Hardcover, 224 pages
Profusely illustrated with color photographs

This book is a much needed text that can be studied and enjoyed by farriers, veterinary surgeons and horse owners. Books have been written on the subject of horseshoeing for more than 500 years. However they have rarely been written by a practising farrier and seldom with such detail.

The illustrations are detailed without obscuring the basic anatomy. There are many examples comparing various conformational faults which affect the equine leg and foot. A wide range of horse breeds and types are covered, including a chapter devoted to analyzing the link between the less than perfect leg - and it's effect upon the hoof capsule.

This book also takes into account the horse's breed when assessing conformation and gait, as this often differs, and therefore farriers must adapt their techniques accordingly.

The author has obviously carried a camera throughout much of his shoeing career, documenting thousands of hooves as he worked on them. Hoof Problems is full of good case histories with "before" and "after" photography.


Strike of the Hammer
A Guide to Understanding Your Farrier

Strike of the Hammer
#BKSOH - $19.95
Strike of the Hammer
A Guide to Understanding Your Farrier
written by Lynne M. Caulkett
Softcover 282 pages

The life of a farrier can be back breaking, frustrating, heart-warming, rewarding, and funny all at the same time. This book captures the hearts and soul of many different farriers as they share their experiences, both serious and humorous, and offer time-tested advice to horse owners. This often unappreciated profession is truly an art form. The hammering of the red-hot steel on the anvil is music to a farrier's ears. Every horse owner should read this book to get a better understanding of what goes into caring for his or her horse's feet. Hear from the farrier's themselves what an important role the owners play in their trade and what horse owners can expect from a good farrier. A must read for both farriers and horse owners!

Gina's note:
I am not sure this was the best title for this book. (my apologies to the author/publisher) I am afraid that it may not do it justice. Horse owners may not really want to "understand" their farrier - beyond what is necessary for them to get a good shoeing job on their horse(s). Farriers - well... do they want to understand other farriers? I don't know about that, either. With all that said, I am not sure what a better title would have been - but this book is such a wealth of different facets of farrier knowledge I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is interested in horses. The author has done a great job of touching on the most interesting facets of all sorts of things to do with farriery - and she includes a wealth of sources - websites, etc. to point you easily in the direction that you need to go for more in-depth info regarding each topic. Interspersed within are a generous helping of interesting real-life stories from farriers around the world. Lynne has really done her homework on this one, and it shows.


Corrective Farriery
A textbook of remedial horseshoeing - VOLUME 1 & 2 by Simon Curtis
These books cover all aspects of remedial shoeing and the associated background knowledge. It is profusely illustrated in color and is written with both farriers and veterinary surgeons in mind. Full of current information about treatment of all manners of hoof ailments, Volume 1 was published in 2002, and Volume 2 (a continuation) was published in 2006. Filled to the brim with contributions from 14 authors who specialize in the horse's hoof. An important addition to the library of any farrier or vet. Books are 7" x 10" x 1" thick.

Corrective Farriery

Color Atlas of the Horse's Foot is out of print and no longer available! We think CORRECTIVE FARRIERY 1 & 2 are great replacements for this time honored work on the hoof and lameness.

#BKCF1 - $166.95
Corrective Farriery Volume 1
Hardcover - 342 pages


#BKCF2 - $166.95
Corrective Farriery Volume 2
Hardcover - 322 pages


Shoeing in Your Right Mind

Book Shoeing
#BKRTM - $69.95
Shoeing in Your Right Mind by Doug Butler
You've learned the mechanics of shoeing; how to make a shoe appropriate for the horse, and apply it correctly. Now is the time to scrutinize how you do this, and learn to work with utmost efficiency and accuracy. This rather cerebral title covers all aspects of the mental part of horseshoeing. Not so you can shoe more horses in a day - so you can finish earlier, and make more money for the time you spend. Who wouldn't want to give themselves a raise!? Hardcover, 160 pages.

Click here for Chapter Listing

Confessions of a Horseshoer

Confessions of a Horseshoer #BKCOH
Confessions of a Horseshoer by Ron Tatum

Hardcover, 229 pages, illustrated with black and white photos

Confessions of a Horseshoer offers a close and personal look at the mind-set of a professional horseshoer (farrier) who also happens to be a college professor. The book, an ironic and playful view of the many unusual animals (and people) Ron Tatum has encountered over thirty-seven years, is nicely balanced between straightforward presentation, self-effacing humor, and lightly seasoned wisdom. It captures the day-to-day life of a somewhat cantankerous old guy, who has attitude and strong opinions. Throughout the book, Tatum ponders the causes that led him into the apparently opposing worlds of horseshoeing, with its mud, pain, and danger, and the bookish life of a college professor. He tells the reader that it is his hope that writing the book will help him understand this apparent paradox between the physical and the mental.

Tatum provides a detailed description of the horseshoeing process, its history, and why horses need shoes in the first place. The reader will learn about the dangers of shoeing horses in "Injuries I Have Known," in which Tatum describes one particular self-inflicted injury that he claims no other horseshoer has ever, or will ever, experience. "Eight Week Syndrome" demonstrates the close, often therapeutic, relationship between the horseshoer and his or her customers. Tatum relates the story of an old Wyoming cowboy who could talk with horses, and consistently cure their injuries, lameness, and other physical problems after the veterinarians had given up. The humor in the chapters on chickens and rabbits will entertain any reader, as well as the sections on various dogs, ducks, llamas, goats, flies, and a sexually disoriented pig.

Readers of western life and lovers of horses will find Confessions of a Horseshoer an informative, quirky, and delightful work full of humor, attitude, and off-beat insight.

Regular Price $24.95 - Sale Price $19.95


Tails of a Horseshoer

Tails of a Horseshoer #BKTOH
Tails of a Horseshoer by Ray Legel
Price $26.95

Softcover 297 pages - Lots of black & white illustrations and photographs

Wild, humorous, serious and educational stories compiled from 30 years behind the anvil. This book wll give horse owners a glimpse of a farriers' life, and farriers a chuckle at the familiar situations and events.
44 Chapters include:
Beyond the Call of Duty
Close Encounters with Other Animals
Kicked by a Dead Horse
Kids; From Devils to Darlings
Road Apple Assault
Help From A Psychic to Shoe a Horse
and much more...

Read the review of this book featured in American Farriers Journal

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