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Last updated on 8/9/05

Farrier Stories

Ideal Shoeing Situation

Check out this St. Eloy link. Stone Carving
Story 5:

This cartoon is based on something that Rob would tell people when their horse was being difficult. Kind of a joking way to let them know that bad behavior was a serious problem that warranted serious attention to get it stopped.

At the time we did not know about St Eloy, the patron saint of blacksmiths, who in English church windows is frequently depicted as a farrier because, according to legend, he once removed a horse's leg to shoe it and afterwards replaced it.

It seems that as far back as 600 horses have been behaving badly for farriers. Henry Heymering of St Eloy publishing sent me an article written by Colonel J Hickman MA FRCVS. It states that "Saint Eligius (or Saint Eloy) was born at Chaptelat near Limoges in 588. The legend of St Eligius tells how a horse brought to his forge to be shod became possessed by Devil Imp, kicked so furiously that all present fled except St Eligius who calmly cut off the horse's leg, put the foot on his anvil and, having shod it, rejoined it to the body of the living horse."

- as told by Rob Keesling to his wife, Gina

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