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Horse Manure Stuff

Why a page on Horse Manure
Why would we put a page full of products dedicated to HORSE MANURE on our website? The fact is, if you've got horses, you've got manure. And lots of it. Most of us accept this as a not-all-that-unpleasant aspect of horse ownership. City folk pay to go to the gym. I can clean stalls for free! It's a great fitness workout routine - 7 days a week. Do kennel owners have an endearing relationship with dog poop? I doubt it. But for horse folk, it's all part of the lifestyle. Enjoy our humorous selection.

Manure Movers of America Sweatshirt
Manure Movers of America

Item #TSWMMA - $29.95
Manure Movers of America Sweatshirt
Ash heather grey sweatshirt screenprinted with Manure Movers of America logo. Cotton/polyester blend is sized generously.

Unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL

Manure Movers of America Sign
Manure Movers
#SIGNMMA - $21.95 each
Manure Movers of America Sign
12"x12" solid aluminum with silkscreened design


Horse Poo Note Pads
With all the concern these days about deforestation and the need to recycle, these products are a fantastic example of sustainability and responsible consumption. The folks at PooPooPaper take a material that's available in abundance (Horse Poo) and make functional and completely useful products while sparing a lot of trees in the process.

Horses eat lots of grass every day and they poo almost as much. Since their digestive systems don't break down the grass completely, their poo has plenty of fiber! Seeing as though grass is fiber and fiber is the base material used in making pulp for paper, they've devised a special (and sanitary / odor free) process to make the poo into paper.

We found the whole idea great fun, and think you will too. Use the note pads to send "crappy notes" to your co-workers (or even your boss). Keep the journal around for purging crappy thoughts, or writing down crappy ideas, or doing crappy art! The possibilities are endless. This paper has a lovely cream-colored finish, and is speckled throughout with bits of fiber. Just like the fancy stuff from the stationery store.

Poo Set
Poo Pad #POONP $16.95 each
Set of 3 Horse Poo Note Pads
(for your crappy notes)

3 pads measure 4"x4"x1" thick - 100 sheets each


Same S H * T Different Day - Mug
Same Horse Mug
Item #MSS - $19.95
Same S H * T
Different Day - Mug


Gina's note:
If you're like me, you're not exactly "Little Miss Sunshine" in the morning. Enjoy your morning coffee with this little anti-pick-me-up, and get your crappy thoughts out of the way for the day. Actually, if the worst thing that happens is the same horse manure as the day before, then we've all got it made!

This mug holds a full 16 ounces. We've had rave reviews about how nice and heavy it is. The handle is thick and substantial so you can get a good grip - on your coffee and your day. Enjoy!

The Little Book of Horse Poop
Horse Poop Book
#BKHP - $14.95
The Little Book of Horse Poop by Becki Bell
So useful, so interesting, so misunderstood. Only a true horseperson can appreciate the lowly manure pile. This collection of trivia, tips and tributes will teach you everything you had no idea you ever wanted to know about your horse's manure. - Hardcover 5" x 5", 91 pages

"The carriage horses employed for the wedding of Prince Charles & Lady Diana were fed pastel colored dyes so their manure would match the wedding's color scheme."


Wooden Turd Sign
Wooden Turd Sign
Item #ML22743 - $19.95
DonŐt Act Like a Turd... Sign

This sturdy 8.5" x 14.5" screenprinted wood sign expresses the sentiment exactly.


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