Terms and Conditions

  • We do not work outside when it is raining. However, if you have a suitable covered area (which will accomodate the back end of our truck) we will work inside whilst it is raining.
  • We do not work on Sunday.
  • We prefer not to refit the work of a previous farrier.
  • We ask that your horse be well mannered/disciplined.
  • We require a suitable, well lighted working area (no mud, sand, tall grasses, uneven ground, etc.) concrete is preferred.
  • We ask that your horse be tied (or held) and that the horse and feet are clean and free of mud, excessive dirt, oils etc. at the scheduled time.
  • We prefer to observe the horse in motion (walk & trot) prior to starting work (to evaluate way of going, needed corrections, lamenesses, etc.)
  • If your horse is too energetic, lungeing before we arrive is recommended.
  • If we are working at feeding time, please feed your horse before we begin. (hungry horses do not stand well.) We don't mind if they smell us, but we draw the line at them trying to eat us!
  • If working on a mare with foal, please have the foal restrained.
  • If your horse is not behaving, we ask that you discipline your horse.
  • We ask that you maintain a regular shoeing schedule. Waiting until your horse loses shoes usually results in damaged feet, which reduces the quality of our work.
  • We accept cash or check as payment. We do charge a $20.00 fee on returned checks.
  • Depending on our scheduled work load, expect approximately 3-7 days from the time your appointment is made to the scheduled work date. (does not apply for appointments made at time of last shoeing.)
  • If your horse has lost a shoe, or the shoe is loose, please call right away. We try to work a lost shoe into the schedule so that the shoe is replaced as quickly as possible.
  • Our business hours are ___________________________________. Please respect these times when calling for appointments, questions, etc.
  • Clinics and seminars are available to stables or organizations. Contact us for details.
  • Additional