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Farriers' - Hoofprints Comments
Want to make a comment or pass on some information to other farriers? Just email us at the address below. Include your Name/Company Name, City, State. By pressing submitting a comment you understand that you are granting permission to Farriers' - Hoofprints to use the information and any attached photos on the Farriers' - Hoofprints website and/or in the next Farriers' - Hoofprints catalog.

This "super site" comment comes from --
Barbara Brooks
Burn Brea Studio
Dandridge, TN

Such a super site..great source for farrier presents..which are hard to find by the way. Thanks way much.

This "honor my husband's hard work" comment comes from --
Michelle Reid
Grumpy's Horseshoeing
Archer, FL

Gina -- Thank you so much for your art print collection, they are the only prints for farriers I've found and they are beautiful. They will adorn our home for many years and honor my husband's hard work that built it. I have purchased many gifts for him from your catalog, many thanks for the selection you provide for this unique trade--From all of us here at Grumpy's Horseshoeing!

This "you saved my husbands business" comment comes from --
S. H., Arkansas

We LOVE this catalog!! You have found your purpose, Gina, and we are grateful to have someone creative and caring to the industry represent our husbands who work so hard. By seeing the "Things Not to Say to a Hot, Tired Farrier" you saved my husbands business. He never thought that other farriers heard these things and was ready to throw in the towel (no pun intended). I see now this industry is definately a "band of brothers". Thank you so much!

This "I'll be telling all my friends" comment comes from --
M Dalley
Bastrop, TX

As a "BIG HORSE" owner here in TEXAS I cannot stress how much I value my professional farrier. I LOVE YOUR SITE. I'll be telling all my friends to log in and see all the wonderful things here. Thank you for providing these resources and specialty items to us all.

This "sing your praises" comment comes from --
Carol Satterfield

A quick email to let you know how pleased I am with my recent order that I placed with you online. I ordered late on Monday Nov. 28th and already received everything in good shape today! I am also very pleased with the nice quality of the items ordered. It was well worth the money that I spent on these gifts. The items are very nice and well made. . In this day and age when everyone is so quick to complain, I thought it might be nice to sing your praises which are well deserved. Thanks a million. Have a wonderful Christmas.

This "appreciate your excellent service" comment comes from --
M. Ferguson -- MO

Gina, I must say I don't think I have ever done business with someone that is as prompt as you are. Most people get back to you 2-3 days later. It's nice to know there are still a few people that take their business seriously. Just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate your excellent service. We will be doing more business with you in the future.I know he is going to really be pleased with the business cards. They really look professional and will represent the quality of his work. Thanks again and Gods Blessings for your company!

This "quick turn around" comment comes from --
Toney Thornhill

Double T Horseshoeing

Silex, MO

Thank you for the quick turn around from the time I made my order to the time I got the order. I got the shirt in time for a shoeing appointment with a very good client, her response to the tshirt was absolutly worth the price. Thanks again

This "fast and courteous service" comment comes from --
Carolyn Smith

Hi, I had ordered a mug for my farrier "Things Not to Say to a Farrier" and it arrived broken. I called your company and the lady I talked to was very pleasant and told me not to return the broken mug, that you would replace it. It arrived this week, in good shape, and in time for my farrier's visit tomorrow!! We are all so quick to complain about service and slow to praise, so I just wanted to compliment you on the fast and courteous service I received from your company. It has really been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks so much.

My reply --
Thank you so much for your kind words. I printed your note and will pass it along to my helpers. I am glad we handled your problem well - this time of year we are so busy, and sometimes things don't get the attention that they deserve.

Thanks again for taking the time to write. You made my day! -- Gina Keesling

This "appointment reminder stickers" comment comes from --
Shane A. Westman

It is great! I sure love your products, and have used them for years. The appointment reminder stickers alone have saved me hundreds of dollars in missed calls. Your custom receipts and door hangars have been valuable in projecting a professional image for me.

Keep up the good work.

This "farrier cards" comment comes from --
Chad & Renae Strothman

Strothman's Farrier Service

Loretto, KY

Hi Gina I received our cards and they are nicer than I thought they would be. I just wanted to thank "Farriers Greeting Cards" for never letting me down with cheap items!

This "my favorite farrier" comment comes from --
Nancy Kay Smith

Companion Pals

Pinckneyville, IL

Really enjoy your site, my "favorite farrier" lost his back also. This is truely a labor of love, and so many times those of us that stand at the head of the horse forget to say. Thank you!

This "4H project" comment comes from --


I'm very happy that I found this site. I'm doing a 4H project on Navicular Syndrome and the models and posters are very helpful and detailed. Keep up the good work!!!

This "your cards made the difference" comment comes from --
Bruce Matthews

Northeast Drafthorse Shoeing

Hi folks; Just wanted to tell you of all the complimentary remarks I have had on my business cards I bought from you. Most folks want to know where I got them. I used them to place ads in two local papers and the next day I heard from three people who are "not horse folks," that they saw my ad. Your cards made the difference by catching their attention. Thanks again.

This "farrier focused" comment comes from --
Curtis McCullough

McCullough Farrier Service

Omaha, NE

The farriers wife sees a lot of newsletters, equine product catalogs, educational materials, and gifty things. This site is different because it is farrier focused and the quality of product is high in every category. I feel like a personal shopper has been through and pre-screened for me so that I can choose from only the very best. My problem became one of restaint, so I know I will return to this site many times. Thank you for such a thoughtful selection.

This "Very happy with the service" comment comes from --

Powell Butte, OR

Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the fast handling and delivery of my order. This was the first time I had ordered from the Farrier's catalog and I was very happy with the service.Thanks again. Sincerely,Vicki

This "Happy to have found your site" comment comes from --
Sharon Nudd

Bath, NY

I am very happy to have found your site. You have lots of cool stuff and it will be nice to let my farrier and veterinarian know that I appreciate them and their vital role in my horses care with a little something special now and then.

This "You show great pride in your products" comment comes from --
H.D. Wood

Colorado Springs, CO

I have been wearing your shirts and hats in addition to using your other products for about several years. It's great to have an all farrier related catalog. I have recommended you to other farriers and horse owners alike. Thanks for your super products and support. I require a 2x size shirt and thank you all so much for your superior larger size selections. You show great pride in your products and I wear and use them to enhance my professional attitude. Once again keep up the great work and thank you. Woody

This "I love your artwork" comment comes from --
Brigitte Malessa

Paonia, CO

I LOVE your website, your products, and especially, your artwork. Everything I have ordered, from business cards to stickers and reciept books have suited me perfectly! Keep up the good work!

This "Love the Farrier Clock" comment comes from --
Randy Burgess

H.P.D. Farrier Service

Kiowa, CO

Thanks, I love your site and your catalog. My wife got me the Farrier clock for Christmas, I love it. All of my clients love it. ( it is mounted on the inside of the back door of my shoeing rig). Keep up the good work.

This "Your Hot Fit shirt is a hit" comment comes from --
Lee Fuermann

Hearne, TX

Just wanted to let you know that the shirt that I bought Walter from you, T-DENK (hot fit) has certainly been a hit. He receives compliments on it every time he wears it in public. He attended the TPFA annual meeting this past weekend, and gots LOTS of raves, even the gal at the restaurant we ate at complimented him on it. Thought you would like to know this shirt is a hit!!!

Looking forward to seeing your farrier cartoons. You are sooo right about some days in this business being pretty doggone funny. I can't count the number of times I had wished I could draw so we could use something in an article for tickling the funny bone!!

Lee Fuermann
Hearne, TX

This "touched by your cards" comment comes from --
Suzie Birks

Source, Inc.

I felt a real sense of warmth sending your Christmas greeting cards. They gave me great pleasure, and I am sure that the recipients were touched by them also. I ordered, O Come, all ye faithful, and Dashing through the snow.

I'll look forward to next year's selection.


Suzie Birks
Director, Wholesale Division

This "Love the business cards" comment comes from --
Tammy Belzer


I just received my order today and wanted to say thank you. Everything is so nice, specially the business cards. My husband is going to love everything. He is in his 12th week in Farrier school in MD with 3 more to go.

Thanks again, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me in the future.

Tammy Belzer

This "Shoeing for 46 years" comment comes from --
Annie Stickley

Stickley Stables

Urbana, OH

Hi Gina,
Ran across your site while net surfing today. I put you down as one of our favorites. I ordered a catalog for us and signed up for the newsletter. Wally has been shoeing for 46 years and it's nice to know there are people out there like us. This is a great site and look forward to the catalog. I'm pretty darn sure we'll be ordering from you as soon as we get it. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

This "I no longer have a horse but keep me on your Christmas card list" comment comes from --
Jeanie Higgins

Hi Gina,
I look forward to your new catalog in the mail. I have email but can not access the net with my old computer. I will be upgrading this fall hopefully. True Story - We had a customer for 8 years that Tom was shoeing. Her horse was old and had been badly foundered for the last 4 years. Well she had to put him down, and she called to let us know "Sandman " was no longer around. She thanked us for the great service and good care that Tom had given him. And she ask not to be taken off the Christmas card list!!!! Good stuff!
Thanks, Jeanne Higgins

This "love the products" comment comes from --
Kerrie Jackson

Fairview, Utah

I love the products that are sold on this website. My husband is a farrier, and he loves the special things that I have ordered him for his profession. I hope to see more things like the farrier's clock coming soon. Thank you for the great gift ideas.

This "what a farrier's wife has to say about our phone message pad" comment comes from --
D'Juana Stapleton

I know you are a true farrier's wife. All of the messages on the pad are exactly the truth. I have laughed thinking how many times I or the kids have said he is eating supper can I take a message, in fact we have said all of them and the customers have emergency horseshoeing problems regularly. I would have never believed some things we have heard if my husband was not a farrier.

This "very happy with everything" comment comes from --
Daryl Coleman

Daryl Coleman Horseshoeing

Chino, CA

We have been ordering products from you and we want you to know that we are very happy with everything. We love the doorhanger envelopes, they are great. All of our customers think the are wonderful also.

This "great website" comment comes from --
Keith Seeley

Professional Farrier Service

Albany, GA

Hi Gina. I am once again placing an order with you. You have really come a long way. I enjoy each new catalog, waiting to see what you've come up with next. As always, thanks for being there for us. With your products, we can more easily appear and conduct ourselves as the professionals we are. Keep up the great work.

p.s. great website. glad to see it.

This "great stuff" comment comes from --
Calvin Loui

Farriers Depot

Mira Loma, CA

You have great horseshoestuff. I've already got a shirt with the logo and cards. I have a horseshoeing service and supply store. The stuff is great for both my shoeing customers & horseshoer's!

This "always amazed" comment comes from --
Jim Turnage

JDJ Horseshoeing

Palestine, TX

Gina, this a testamonial to the quality of service I have had in doing business with you over the last several years. My customers are always amazed at the creativity that your greeting cards display and that there are horseshoeing related cards to begin with. I am glad to have this opportunity to recommend you to anyone who might be anxious to enhance his/her farrier business. Keep up the good work!

This "From a farrier's wife" comment comes from --
Joanne Gerow

Swan Lake, NY

Gina, I received the items that I ordered today, and had to write to tell you how amazed I am!!! I have NEVER received an order so quickly and perfectly. There was not one item missing and everything was the quality I was hoping for. My husband is a farrier, and it is nice to know that I can order trade related items from a dependable operation. Thank You so much for the great "stuff", and you can be assured that you will receive orders from me in the future, and I will gladly spread your name around these parts!!! Sincerely yours, Joanne Gerow, Swan Lake, N.Y.

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